The Falklands Conflict - 1982

Click here for larger image HMS Bristol left Portsmouth heading for the Falklands Islands on the 10th May 1982. Some very brief details outlining HMS Bristol's role during the Falklands conflict.

Monday 10th May 1982:
HMS Bristol departs Portsmouth with the fleet tanker RFA Olna. The Type 21 Frigates Active & Avenger along with the Leander Frigates Andromeda, Minerva & Penelope depart from Devonport.

Wednesday 12th May 1982:
The Type 42 Destroyer Cardiff sails from Gibraltar and joins up with the group on Friday 14th May.

After a fast passage south the Bristol group arrive at Ascension Island over Tuesday and Wednesday the 18th & 19th of May. On the 21st May at around 0900 RFA TIDESPRING hastening forward after getting rid of prisoners from South Georgia joins the BRISTOL group. An Aircraft is detected which is not an Airliner as it's track plot took the form of a series of loops and curlicules, which brought the Aircraft in from over 200 miles to within 35 miles, it's closest point of approach. Captain A.Grose RN leading the group ordered Cardiff to drop back and altered the disposition of the ships to disguise her "disappearance". The Aircraft duly obliged by coming within extreme range of the Type 42 which engaged the target at about 1230z.

By Wednesday the 26th May the Bristol group has joined the main Task Force to more than make up for ships that have been lost. All ships are given their tasks and some take up positions giving N.G.S. in support of troop activities on the Islands.

Friday 28th May:
HMS BRISTOL is detached to take up station as "LOLA MANAGER" to defend and manage the R.F.A'S and S.T.U.F.T., ensuring that ships bound for the battle group or A.O.A. were available, had the appropriate instructions and were ready to leave on time.

Saturday 29th May:
The County Class Destroyer HMS GLAMORGAN relieves HMS BRISTOL as "LOLA MANAGER"

Thursday 3rd June:
The BRISTOL group takes 32hrs to carry out replenishments, with RFA PLUMLEAF connected to one or other warship for 22 of those hours.

After the surrender HMS Bristol remained on station making two short stops at San Carlos & Port Stanley. On the 1st July ADML Woodward was relieved as commander of the Task Force by RADML Reffell who had transferred to HMS BRISTOL from the ISIS which had brought him up from Ascension. RADML Reffell then transferred his Flag over to ILLUSTRIOUS. BRISTOL then bgan the long journey home on August 28th. After an overnight stop at Ascension for a S.O.D.S Opera, HMS Bristol along with Invincible & Olna continued North, arriving back in Portsmouth on 17th September to be met by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This is only a very brief outline of HMS Bristol's role and hopefully as more people visit the site more information, dits and photographs will become available.

     Some of the pictures below have been added with the kind permission of Ernie Travers.

to War
Peaceful Dawn Mail, a rare visitor Usual South Atlantic weather
HMS Bristol Sails to War

A peaceful dawn - E. Travers

Mail Call - E. Travers

Usual weather - E. Travers

Line astern before heading home. Nice Sunny Afternoon View aft past Sea dart Launcher
Line astern - E. Travers Late afternoon sun - E. Travers Sea dart launcher - E. Travers