Type 82 General Purpose Destroyer  

This class was designed as the General Purpose escorts for the CVA-01 Carrier but on cancellation the class was reduced from 4 to 1. Even this ship was only built because there was a need to get Ikara and Seadart to sea earlier than would have been possible had it been decided to wait for the replacement class (the Type 42 which abandoned Ikara in favour of a Lynx helicopter).  Officially listed as a "Destroyer" this is presumably as the result of her Seadart area defence capability and despite the lack of a helicopter hanger.

HMS Bristol suffered a major fire in the boilers shortly into her active life but managed to complete the weapons trials on her gas turbines. 

She was also the last RN ship built to be steam powered.

Laid Down 15th November 1967
Launched 30th June 1969
Commissioned 31st March 1973
Displacement 6300 tons standard, 7100 tons deep
Main Machinery COSAG, 2 standard range geared steam turbines 30,000shp
2 Bristol Siddeley Olympus TM1A gas turbines 30,000shp
2 shafts, 2 boilers
Speed 30 Knots, (Range 5,000 miles at 18 knots)
Compliment 397 (30 Officers)

Sensors (at build)

  • Type 965 (AKE-2) LR Air Search Radar (Later replaced by Type 1022)
  • Type 993 Target Indication Radar
  • Type 909 Seadart FC/GFCS
  • Type 978 Sea Search Radar
  • Type 1006 Navigation Radar
  • Type 184M Hull Sonar
  • Type 162M Bottom Profiling Sonar

Armament (at build)

  • 1 Mk8 4.5"/55 DP Gun
  • 1 Ikara ASW Missile Launcher (32 Rounds) (Later Removed)
  • 1 GWS 30 Seadart SAM Launcher (40 Rounds)
  • 1 Mk10 Limbo ASW Mortar (Later Removed)
  • 4 x 30mm AA
  • 4 x 20mm AA


Fitted with flagship facilities in 1979-80 refit. Further refit in 1984, completed in March 1986.



Fuel, 900 tons, SCOT satellite system compatible with both Skynet and the US defence communications satellites. Dartmouth (Midshipmen) Training Ship from mid 1987, but remained available to act as flagship during major exercises.







HMS Bristol


Santa Cruz 1657 Lowestoft 1665 Four Days' Battle 1666
Orfordness 1666 Solebay 1672 Texel 1673
Finisterre 1747 Falklands 1914 Falklands 1982
(1) 4th Rate, sunk in 1709, (4) 1809 3rd Rate, ex-Agincourt. Sold in 1814.
(5) 1861 Frigate, sold in 1883. (6) Cruiser of 4,800 tons built by John Brown. Sold in 1921 to Ward at Hayle for scrapping. (7) 1943 Training Establishment at Bristol.
(8) 1969 Type 82 Destroyer of 6,300/7,100 tons built by Swan Hunter.